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The app works on all smartphones and will be updated regularly to keep you better informed on the move. Please follow the instructions below to get your copy of the app and enjoy. 

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FR App Hand Held 1You download the app from our app provider The App Institute.


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You might also be interested in our other free resources, such as our online A-Z of first aid symptoms and treatments here.


First Response. Training for life. Training to save a life.

Evaluation Feedback for Effective Learning and Accountability

If you have completed one of our courses, we'd be delighted to hear your feedback. Please click on the link that is relevant to you below, and enter the code you received during training. All our surveys are totally anonymous, and help us to continuously develop great products and services for our customers. Thank you for your time.



"The quality of the educational experience for learners depends both on the standard of teaching and on the materials used to deliver it."


– Mackway-Jones, K. Walker, M. (2000). Pocket Guide to Teaching for Medical Instructors. London BMJ Books


ISO 9001

The feedback we receive helps us maintain our ISO 9001 status. Many f our customers have been with us fr over 3 years and give us constant positive feedback:


  • 97% of respondents rated us "Excellent".
    3% of respondents rated us "Good".
    0% of respondents rated us "Poor".

"Evaluation, especially course evaluation, has emerged because of the increasing acceptance of two related concepts: professional autonomy and accountability. The idea of autonomy is that professionals should be free to determine how they practice but, in return for this privilege, they should be rigorous in maintaining and developing their standards of practice."


– Reece, I. Walker, S. (2005) 5th Edn. Teaching, Training and Learning. Business Education Publishers Ltd


What other people say

Your feedback enables us keep improving our services and tailor them to your needs. Of the 94 surveys completed, here's a flavour of the kind of things people have said:

"The training is always excellent and tailored to our needs - perfect."

"The stories and examples help bring situations to life and it gives those of us who are not clinical confidence that we can respond in an emergency situation."

"It also gives support to the nurses who are clinical but don't find themselves (thankfully) often in an emergency situation."



First Response. Training for life. Training to save a life.

Practice Manager's Annual Audit (ISO 9001:2008)

Feedback From


The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has established the ISO 9001:2008 as a way to define whether or not companies are meeting their customers' needs and expectations. Companies that are ISO 9001:2008 certified demonstrate to their customers that they comply with the ISO's rigorous Quality Management System requirements.


By utilizing an ISO 9001:2008 customer survey, organisations can measure customer satisfaction and help determine if they are working in accordance with these specified international industry standards.


First Response takes extraordinary measures to ensure validity, reliability and bias reduction.


Feedback Form - Practice Manager's Annual Audit: 2008-2019

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First Response. Training for life. Training to save a life.

Candidates Course Evaluation

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Training Evaluation is relevant to trainers, training managers and training specialists who need to evaluate their current learning and development activities, identify success and where improvements might be made.


Evaluation is a critical part of the training process yet often the most neglected. Training Evaluation is designed to give you the knowledge and skills required to select, implement and analyse a range of training evaluation methods, to suit different needs and requirements.


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If you answered No to any of the above questions please feel free to discuss with the trainer or contact us at info@firstresponse.org.uk
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First Response. Training for life. Training to save a life.

About First Response

First Response's Managing Director, Clive Haddrell has over thirty years experience with the Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust, caring for seriously ill and critically-injured people. Clive has advised on first aid courses with many other training organisations and was also the BBC Paramedic Advisor to the well-known television program "Casualty" for many years. Meet the rest of the team here, or read about Clive's experience with Casualty and other topics in his blog.

First Response_with_Casualty


First aid training for life

As a paramedic, Clive has long recognised the importance of good first aid, resuscitation and defibrillation skills, yet many individuals lack even the most basic first aid knowledge.


From this need was born First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training Ltd – Established (1999). A training company specialising in providing great quality First Aid and Resuscitation Training to a wide range of health service employees; commercial and service companies. First Response also runs courses for groups and individuals from the general public. 


Benefits of training to your company

  • Clinical Quality Assurance.
  • Staff Clinical – Practical skills maintained.
  • Provide you and your staff with a Competent Response in Managing a Medical Emergency.
  • Maintain Standards to Current Published Resuscitation Council (UK) 2015 Guidelines.
  • Up to Date Protocols & New Practices.
  • Adopt best practice in Resuscitation and Emergency Care.
  • Collect CPD points.

Why choose First Response?

  • Clinically Governed by NHS Medical Consultants.
  • Selected courses are CPD Certified (Primary Care Resuscitation and Medical Emergencies).
  • Tutors (Clive Haddrell, Tim Hart and Sheila Mitchard) are Member of the The CPD Certification Service.
  • Tutors & Assessors each hold NHS & external teaching qualifications.
  • Tutors (Paramedic) HCPC Registered.
  • Tutors & Assessors each have thirty years minimum front-line Accident & Emergency "Hands On" operational experience.
  • Tutors & Assessors are monitored yearly by Internal & External Verifiers.
  • Tutors are Members of the Institute for Learning MIfL.
  • Tutors & Assessors are all CRB checked.

Tell us what you think

And finally, if you you have ever attended one of our courses and been given a Feedback & Surveys code, we'd love to hear from you. All our online surveys can be found in this section.



If you would like to discuss any training needs that you may have, or any resuscitation or first aid topics, please feel free to get in touch.


First Response - Training for life. Training to save a life


First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training Ltd

9 Counterpool Road, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 8DQ

Tel: 0117 949 0944



Registered Office:

86 Shirehampton Road, Stoke Bishop, Bristol BS9 2DR

Company No. 06983048. Registered in England & Wales


Information Commissioner's Office (Data Protection Register): Registered Number Z1874 429


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