Cheryl Crichton

Cheryl Crichton

Monday, 24 July 2017

Educational Governance Policy


This policy is about making sure that First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training Ltd has effective systems of educational governance and leadership to manage and control the quality of resuscitation, education and first aid training.

These systems should treat learners according to principles of safety, equality and fairness. They should ensure appropriate assessment, manage learners’ progression, and share outcomes of education and training programmes. It is in the public and patients’ interests that there is effective, robust, transparent and fair oversight of education and training.


First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training Ltd (First Response) must demonstrate leadership of medical education and training through effective educational governance. Working together, they should integrate educational, clinical and medical governance to keep patients and learners safe and create an appropriate learning environment and organisational culture.

First Response along with the Resuscitation Council (UK) & Qualsafe control the quality of education leading to the various awards in first aid training, basic life support, defibrillation and anaphylaxis qualifications.

A director must be accountable for educational governance, and those in educational leadership roles must have demonstrable educational credibility and capability. First Response is able to maintain curricula and assessment frameworks according to the standards set by the (GMC) General Medical Council & (GDC) General Dental Council.



1. First Response educational governance system continuously improves the quality and outcomes of education and training by measuring performance against the standards, demonstrating accountability, and responding when standards are not being met.

2. The educational and clinical governance systems are integrated, allowing First Response to address concerns about patient safety, the standard of care, and the standard of education and training.

3. The educational governance system makes sure that education and training is fair and is based on principles of equality and diversity.


4. First Response facilitates these standards and requirements for the delivery of all stages of resuscitation education and training.

Promoting excellence: standards for resuscitation education and training sets the standards that we expect organisations responsible for educating and training in the UK to meet.


The standards and requirements are organised around control by the following organisations listed below:




5. First Response has effective, transparent and clearly understood educational governance systems and processes to manage or control the quality of medical education and training.

6. First Response can clearly demonstrate accountability for educational governance in the organisation at director level or equivalent. First Response be able to show they are meeting the standards for the quality of medical education and training within their organisation and responding appropriately to concerns.

7. First Response must consider the impact on learners of policies, systems or processes. They must take account of the views of learners, educators and, where appropriate, patients, the public, and employers. This is particularly important when services are being redesigned.

8. First Response regularly evaluates and review the curricula and assessment frameworks, education and training programmes as they are responsible to make sure standards are being met and to improve the quality of education and training.

9. First Response must evaluate information about learners’ performance, progression and outcomes – such as the results of exams and assessments – by collecting, analysing and using data on quality and on equality and diversity.

10. Customers must have systems and processes to monitor the quality of teaching, support, facilities and learning and must respond when standards are not being met.

10.1. First Response has a system for raising concerns about education and training within the organisation. They must investigate and respond when such concerns are raised, and this must involve feedback to the individuals who raised the concerns.

10.2. First Response must share and report information about quality control of education and training with other bodies that have educational governance responsibilities. This is to identify risk, improve quality locally and more widely, and to identify good practice.

10.3. First Response must collect manage and share all necessary data and reports to meet GDC/GMC approval requirements.

10.4. First Response is responsible for managing and providing education and training must monitor how educational resources are allocated and used, including ensuring time in trainers’ job plans.

10.5. First Response must have systems and processes to make sure learners have appropriate supervision. Educational and clinical governance must be integrated so that learners do not pose a safety risk, and education and training takes place in a safe environment and culture.

10.6. First Response must have systems to manage learners’ progression, with input from a range of people, to inform decisions about their progression.

10.7. First Response has systems and processes to identify, support and manage learners when there are concerns about a learner’s knowledge, skills, or conduct that may affect a learner’s wellbeing or patient safety.

10.8. First Response has systems to make sure that education and training comply with all relevant legislation.

10.9. First Response ensures that recruitment, selection and appointment of learners and educators are open, fair and transparent.

10.11. First Response is involved in the collating, examining results, student information, analysis of data is therefore registered with the (ICO.) Information Commissioners Office under registration Z1874429.



If you have any concerns or questions about this policy, our courses, or any of our trainers, please get in touch.

First Response. Training for life. Training to save a life.


Friday, 18 December 2015

Training Charter

Our Promise to You

Our customers can expect the highest standards of quality training from suitably qualified trainers. As a learner with First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training Ltd you have certain rights.

Your Right to be Treated with Respect

You will be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration for your dignity. We will maintain equality and diversity standards with respect to all participants and ensure individuals confidentiality.

Your Right to an Explanation

If you are not satisfied with the service you receive, we encourage you to inform the trainer. You have the right to a reasonable explanation.

Your Right to Make a Complaint

If the Trainer is unable to resolve the problem, please follow the steps detailed in the Complaints Procedure.

How to make a complaint


You have the right to complain, have your complaint investigated, and be given a full and prompt reply. We adopt a proactive approach to resolving any complaint. To ensure that this happens as efficiently as possible, the following steps should be taken:

1. Resolution by Trainer

Should you have a complaint of any nature, this should first be taken up with the Trainer, in private if necessary, who will try to resolve the problem immediately.

2. Resolution by the Training Centre

If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved with the Trainer, then the problem should be brought to the attention of First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training Ltd, who will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and investigate immediately in accordance with the complaints policies and procedures.


The complainant will be informed of the results of the investigation with any action plan that has been put into force to rectify the situation (or prevent a future reoccurrence).


If you have any concerns or questions about our courses, or any of our trainers, please get in touch.


First Response. Training for life. Training to save a life.

Additional Quality Standards for 'Primary Care' published...

As well as new quality standards for dentists (see news 18 December 2013), The Resuscitation Council (UK) have published two new quality standards for general practitioners...


Two new Quality Standards for 'Primary Dental Care'.

The Resuscitation Council (UK) have published two new quality standards applicable to the primary dental care industry and all practitioners...


Friday, 22 November 2013

CPD Membership Awarded

Clive Haddrell gains CPD Presenter Status

CPD-registered-presenterFirst Response Resuscitation and First Aid Training Ltd is delighted to announce that Managing Director, Clive Haddrell has achieved Registered CPD Presenter status.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Qualsafe Conference 2013

First Response attends 'Future of First Aid Conference'...

Qualsafe Future of First Aid Conference 2013Today, as a registered Qualsafe Centre, First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training attended the Qualsafe 'Future of First Aid' Conference. Held at the Birmingham Motor Museum, the team joined hundreds of first aid trainers from the across the UK for talks on various first aid and industry-related topics.


Surgeries to open 12 hours a day...

iStock 000003377392XSmallAt the 2013 Conservatory Party Conference David Cameron announces plans for a £50 millian trial to extended UK GP surgery opening hours.


Friday, 12 July 2013

Bladder Cancer can be smelt

Urine odour test for Bladder Cancer.

UK scientists have made a device that can smell bladder cancer in urine samples.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Press Officer announced

Gerald Nicholls takes on Press Officer role.

Gerald-retouched-smallFirst Response Resuscuitation & First Aid Training Ltd are delighted to announce that one of their original trainers, Gerald Nicholls, has been named Press Officer. Gerald accepted the role at the company's recent annual team planning day in Bristol.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ambulance service to go private

Private company lined-up to take on ambulance service.

Non Emergency Ambulance Service transport in Plymouth West Devon could be handed to a private company.


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