Body Temperature:


Our skin is one of our largest organs and its function is to protect the body from injury, infection and maintain a constant body temperature within its normal range of 36-37°C.


Our body temperature is constantly monitored by a thermostat within the brain. If this temperature was to raise or fall various mechanisms are activated to either warm or cool the body.


How the body keeps warm:

  • Blood vessels constrict to reduce blood flow to the skin to maintain core temperature.
  • Activity of our sweat glands is reduced.
  • Hairs stand up on end to trap and warm air close to the skin.
  • Body's other systems react by producing more warmth.
  • Rate of metabolism is increased.
  • Heat is also generated by muscle activity.


How the body loses Heat:

Body activates a number of mechanisms to encourage heat loss:

  • Blood vessels dilate; blood flow to the surface increased and more heat is lost.
  • Sweat glands become more active.
  • Sweat cools the skin as it evaporates.


Checking Temperature:

  • Digital thermometer: This can be used to measure temperature under the tongue or armpit.
  • Forehead thermometer: Hold the strip in place against the forehead for about 30 seconds.
  • Ear sensor thermometer: The tip of the thermometer is placed inside the ear and gives a temperature reading within 1 second.


Look at sections on:

  • Hypothermia.
  • Heat Exhaustion.



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