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If you have completed one of our courses, we'd be delighted to hear your feedback. Please click on the link that is relevant to you below, and enter the code you received during training. All our surveys are totally anonymous, and help us to continuously develop great products and services for our customers. Thank you for your time.



"Evaluation, especially course evaluation, has emerged because of the increasing acceptance of two related concepts: professional autonomy and accountability. The idea of autonomy is that professionals should be free to determine how they practice but, in return for this privilege, they should be rigorous in maintaining and developing their standards of practice."

Reece, I. Walker, S. (2005) 5th Edn. Teaching, Training and Learning. Business Education Publishers Ltd


"The quality of the educational experience for learners depends both on the standard of teaching and on the materials used to deliver it."

Mackway-Jones, K. Walker, M. (2000). Pocket Guide to Teaching for Medical Instructors. London BMJ Books



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