Teaching children CPR and the use of AEDs in schools should be compulsory.

First Response Resuscitation & First Aid Training’s very own Clive Haddrell was delighted to be interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol today about teaching CPR to school children. "CPR and the use of using AEDs is already taught as a mandatory subject in Norway and the UK should follow suit." says Clive.


In the interview Clive went on to explain the importance of children and adults learning first aid skills and why it should be a mandatory life skill for children (as it is in other countries). "The reason why people don't get involved in CPR is usually because they are unable to diagnose cardiac arrest, or they are scared, or they simply lack the knowledge of knowing what to do. Children do not have these fears so we should capitalise on that and teach them early' Clive continued. In addition, the importance of contacting the ambulance derive quicker (to help the first aid or public diagnose cardiac arrest) is crucial." he added.


Community Response

Clive also went on to say "The European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015 highlights the critical importance of the inter-actions between the emergency medical dispatcher, the bystander who provides CPR and the timely deployment of an (AED) automated external defibrillator.


"An effective, co-ordinated community response that draws these elements together is key to improving survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The emergency medical dispatcher plays an important role in the early diagnosis of cardiac arrest, the provision of dispatcher-assisted CPR (also known as telephone CPR), and the location and dispatch of an automated external defibrillator." (as per the Resuscitation Council (UK) 2015 Guidelines).
The 2015 guidelines also state the sooner the emergency services are called, the earlier appropriate treatment can be initiated and supported. The knowledge, skills and confidence of bystanders will vary according to the circumstances, of the arrest, level of training and prior experience.


Every Child Lifesaver' campaign from The Resuscitation Council (UK)

Last year, The Resuscitation Council (UK) strongly supported the plea by Teresa Pearce MP to encourage other MPs to vote to make training in first-aid and life-saving skills (cardiopulmonary resuscitation – CPR) a compulsory part of learning at school for every child in this country. We are still waiting for the outcome of that vote.

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